“If we could see the miracle of a single flower clearly, our whole life would change.”
- Buddha


Kaya was born out of love for Ganja and love for Jamaica.
Ganja is part of Jamaican culture. It was brought to our island hundreds of years ago by East Indian cane-cutters whose ancestors had been using ganja for thousands of years. This repository of knowledge, together with our soil and climate, made Jamaica home to some of the best strains of ganja in the world.
So after decades of ganja marginalization and criminalization, Kaya is working to make these same herbs, which we respect so much, a mechanism of change for good. Kaya is the seed of a new Jamaica.


We run our business following three core principles of Jamaican culture.
It is our duty to spread knowledge about ganja. Every herb has a story and only by sharing these stories are we able to create meaningful experiences.
As proud Jamaicans, we empower local communities and always make an effort to source everything locally – from raw materials and our workforce to any kind of technology.
Respect drives every decision we make – from our relationships with our employees to how we treat our community, our herbs, our brand, our products and Nature.


In 2018 Kaya became the first medical cannabis brand from the Caribbean, combining a variety of partnerships and brands which complement each other. Its primary focus is the health and wellness tourism industry.
Kaya has been at the forefront of medical ganja research, along with the University of Technology of Jamaica. Granted one of only two licences issued by the Government of Jamaica in 2015, the Kaya team was able to examine the effects of growing and testing a variety of strains containing high CBD and low THC. They also cultivated strains with high THC levels organically under three different conditions.
They continue to compile data through batch testing with Steep Hills Lab at the Department of Health and Sciences at UTech and Caritox at UWI.
Our roots spread beyond the cannabis supply chain, tapping into international trade and even gastronomy. We offer an original Jamaican experience that is firmly rooted in our culture, and centred around cannabis. For us, ganja is the channel that takes a Caribbean experience to a spiritual level, creating a real connection between people and our roots.

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1 Weed Street

Drax Hall
(next door to Scotchies)
St. Ann, Jamaica
P. +1 876 627 9333
[email protected]

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1 Trelawny Street

Falmouth, Trelawny

P. +1 876-996-4617
[email protected]