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10 Frequently Asked Questions

is weed legal in jamaica?

In 2015 Jamaica moved to decriminalize Cannabis and approved a measure to legalize medicinal use. In 2018 the Ministry of Health started the registration process for all CBD products, making it today legal for patients who hold a medical card from Jamaica or abroad to purchase medicinal marijuana.

What are the products and services offered at kaya?

Kaya Inc offers a variety of services for Jamaicans and tourists through Kaya Farms, Kaya Herb House, Kaya Spa, Kaya Cafe and Kaya Tours.

What are the purposes or uses of ganja?

Ganja, as sold by Kaya, is expressly for therapeutic and medical uses.

What do I need in order to purchase medicinal cannabis?

Required documentation to purchase any ganja product includes:

A written recommendation from a registered local medical doctor is necessary for the purchase of medicinal cannabis.

A medical card that is valid in another country or state.  Valid proof (Government issued Passport or Drivers license) that the person purchasing is of legal age (18+).

Is there a limit on the quantity of ganja that can be purchased by someone on a daily basis?

According to CLA regulations, two ounces is the legal limit per person.

Is there an age limit on who can visit kaya farms?

Minimum age is 18 years.

What are kaya's opening hours?

9am to 9pm

What are the CLA regulations that Kaya Farms abides by?

As an approved cultivation license holder of the Cannabis Licensing Authority, Kaya Farms is allowed to cultivate cannabis crops in keeping with stipulations detailed by the Authority, and all regulatory mandates.

Kaya Herb House, as an approved retail license holder of the CLA, is allowed to sell medicinal ganja in a manner that is in keeping with the stipulations detailed by the Authority, and regulatory mandates of the use of same for medicinal and/or therapeutic benefits.

Sale or use of ganja is for the purposes as stated above and in accordance with the prescription or written recommendation of a registered medical doctor or practitioner.

After purchasing ganja, can I smoke it on the property?

Yes, but only in the designated smoking areas.

Can foreign citizens purchase from kaya farms?

Yes, once they have the required cultivation license and approval from the CLA.

If they are not approved with the CLA they can only purchase from the retail store once they have a medical card or go through the registration process.


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