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6 Clever Ways to Make Your High Last Longer

First-time marijuana users have no issue getting high and staying high for long. This is not surprising as they have a relatively low tolerance level. However, in time, as you get used to it, the tolerance level rises compared to when you first started.

Some people advise taking a break from weed for a while. And truly, a few days’ abstinence could produce a significant effect on your ability to stay high for long. Not everyone, however, has the tolerance to stay away from weed for a couple of days.

For people that need a thoughtful approach to improve and make their high last longer, here are some recommended ideas:

Some weed users might feel they need to take more weed to get the same high they once experienced. In time, the psychoactive effects coming from the THC and other cannabinoids will not be very significant.

Store Your Weed Properly

The mode of storing your weed also affects its potency. As a result, storing the weed in a plastic container or the supplier’s container will reduce its strength. We do not recommend plastic as they provide a safe passage for electric charges that could fry the THC-rich trichomes on your flowers.

If you are lucky to get High THC seeds and buds, preserve them in a steel or a glass jar. These jars have humidity controls. If you cannot get these jars, leave a peel of lemon, orange, or lime sealed with the weed for three hours. This will reduce dryness considerably. Besides, always store your stash in a dark and cool place. 

how you store your ganja can extend it potency

Eat the Right Food

We have some foods that boost the potency of marijuana when you take them together. The following list explores various classes of food that you can eat to make your high last longer:

  • Black or Green Tea:

    The catechin content of this tea is antioxidant. It binds with the CB1 receptors in the brain. With this, the high effect of smoking will last longer and have more impact.

  • Dark Chocolate:

    Dark chocolate that has 72% or more cacao produces a similar effect like green tea. It is an antioxidant that inhibits the breakdown of anandamide. Anandamide is a brain chemical that can prolong your high. 

  • Mangoes

    Mango and marijuana is a divine pair that works well if you take it a few minutes before smoking. It’s best to consume raw and juicy mango, although the effect will also depend on your body’s tolerance and the marijuana strain’s potency. Mangoes and marijuana share a common chemical known as myrcene. When these chemicals interact together, it makes the high stronger and more pronounced.

  • Tea

    Antioxidants in marijuana work in sync with the chemicals in cannabis as they bind with the cannabinoid receptors. This duo will produce a relaxing and long-lasting high with a better mood.


How healthy you are can also affect the length of your high. We have recommended some healthy food combinations above to get a lengthy high. The fats in the body absorb and store THC. There are times the release of THC into your body will be slow. You will feel the effect on the quality of your high. As a result, a diet and exercise routine that will leave you with low body fat is a good idea.

Exercise is indeed good for your health. According to various studies, when you exercise, you produce a “high” effect in the brain, like the one from cannabis. The results of this are tremendously helpful: mood elevation boosts the release of THC from body fats.

Adjust Your Routine

Your cannabis tolerance level will rise as the body gets used to having more cannabinoids in it. As a result, increasing what you smoke is not the best call.

You can also adjust your timing. For people who smoke late in the evening, try abstaining until the early hours of the day, say 8: 00 am. Switch to evening time if you smoke early in the morning before. Take note of when you smoke. You aim to catch your brain off guard by not following your normal routine.

Change Your Consumption Method

Let’s assume you consume 300mg of THC in a session. Mind you, the entire 300 mg will not get into your system. The absorption rate depends majorly on the mode of consumption of the weed, among many other things. Besides, how you consume it also determines how long the weed will last.

The bioavailability (rate of absorption) of vaping is high, and you feel the effect instantly. You will not get high immediately from weed edibles as it takes up to two hours. You will, however, stay high for long with edibles. If you are rolling blunts or joints will also determine how long you are high. Blunts burn slower so you can spend more time enjoying the process and staying lifted longer.

Smoke in a Confined Space

Another cheap way to get high fast and stay high for long is to smoke in a confined space. It is a pretty effective method as the fumes can keep you up for a while. We only recommend this approach if you do not mind the effect of vaping on your lungs.


Without a doubt, getting high and staying high for longer seems farfetched. However, we are confident that the hacks above will add extra time and intensity to your high.

Let us know what your favorite method of prolonging the high is in the comment section below.

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