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Indica Or Sativa: Which Strain Goes Well With Your Personality?

The popularity of cannabis indica or sativa has been on a steady incline over the past few years, and understandably so. Extracts from the plant can treat and manage various medical conditions.

While cannabis contains more than 400 compounds, two of the widely-studied compounds include cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). Both CBD and THC come with powerful therapeutic properties. However, THC also delivers psychotropic and intoxicating effects, which makes it exceedingly popular among recreational cannabis users.

Now, THC is the substance that mostly springs to mind whenever marijuana comes up for discussion.

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But Isn't Cannabis Same As Marijuana?

Most publications you’ll come across comfortably use the words ‘cannabis’ and ‘marijuana’ interchangeably. However, these terms are quite different from one another.

Cannabis is actually a plant genus that comprises several species, which are sometimes known as strains. Cannabis indica and Cannabis sativa are the two most common species of the plant. These strains are primarily distinguished by the levels of THC that they contain, whereby sativa strains generally give higher yields of THC than their indica counterparts.

Most sativa strains produce marijuana. On the other hand, indica strains produce another variant of the cannabis plant known as hemp.

Indica or Sativa Strains At a Glance

  • Have broad leaves
  • Are relatively short, typically growing to between 3 and 6 feet indoors.
  • Mostly thrive in hot, dry climates.
  • Generally considered a night strain.
  • Aroma ranges from strong and pungent to skunky and earthy.
  • Come to bloom in about 10 weeks.
  • Give higher concentrations of CBD than THC.
  • Mostly sedating.
  • Common related sub-strains include Bubba Kush, Blue Cheese, Purple Kush, Granddaddy Purple, White Rhino, Northern Lights, Obama Kush, Dutch Crunch, etc.

Which Strain Should You Use Between Sativa and Indica?

Choosing the right cannabis strain for you is one of the most effective ways to enjoy the plant’s therapeutic qualities.

First up, it’s important to note that whichever strain that you choose, there are technically six major ways to consume them. You can choose inhalable cannabis products like vape juices, smokable products like dry herbs, or encapsulated products like effective CBD capsules. You might also invest in high-quality edibles, consume cannabis-based oil tinctures, or apply cannabis-infused topicals like salves and ointments.

Now that you’re acquainted with the top five ways to consume cannabis strains, the question remains – should you opt for Cannabis sativa or Cannabis indica? The answer to that question depends on the effects that each strain produces.

When Are Indica Strains Ideal?

Indica is best known for its calming and sedating properties. Thanks to its tranquilizing effects, indica strains can help to relieve anxiety disorders, irritability, and insomnia. These strains are suitable after a long and eventful day at work. They will calm you down and even make you forget your worries momentarily, while boosting your mental focus.

Common activities that go with indica strains are generally those that require quiet and calm. Examples include reading a novel, playing a musical instrument, listening to music, watching a movie, etc.

The primary reason for the relaxing effects of indica strains are their considerably higher levels of CBD compared to THC. If you’re only now trying to incorporate cannabis into your wellness routine, your best bet is to begin with indica. These strains are easily available and you can choose to buy from Chicago marijuana to get your hands on some good quality weed.

One downside with indica strains is that they’re not suitable for people with a hyperactive personality. Another common drawback is that they present reasonable risks of dependence. Therefore, they should be consumed in moderation.

When Are Sativa Strains Ideal?

Sativa strains produce the opposite effects of indica. Instead of mellowing you down, sativa stimulates your body. Those stimulant properties emanate from the fact that sativa strains have higher levels of the psychotropic THC and lower levels of CBD.

One way that sativa produces stimulant effects is by inducing euphoria, or the famous ‘high.’ The state of euphoria comes with bursts of energy that enable you to tackle activities that would otherwise be reasonably difficult to handle.

Due to their stimulating properties, sativa strains are suitable for conditions like fatigue and erectile dysfunction. Scientific studies and anecdotal reports also cite heightened creativity and increased positivity as other notable benefits of sativa strains. The Mimosa strain is an example of a classic sativa strain.

These strains are also suitable for people who’re looking to optimize their workouts using cannabis. The strain supplies you with the energy you need to keep going at the gym or on the tracks, ensuring that your workouts do not suffer significant downtimes.

However, one glaring disadvantage of sativa strains is that they tend to exacerbate anxiety instead of relieving it.

Choosing between indica and sativa depends on your individual personality and the kind of effects that you wish to experience. Consider indica for maximum relaxation and sativa for its energizing effects. There are hybrid strains like which are a blend of indica and sativa. The Headband strain, Gelato strain are two favorites. Those may help keep you balanced.

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