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6 E-Juice Flavors For Vapers On The Go

Let’s face it, in today’s world, we barely have enough time for a sandwich, let alone a long lunch paired with a shot of espresso and maybe even a moment for leisurely vaping.

Luckily, with hundreds of flavors for vapers on the market, you can be as busy as you want to be and still revel in the pleasure of experiencing your favorite flavors. It doesn’t matter if you wish to feel like you are having high tea with the queen or unwinding at the bar, sipping your favorite coffee, or pretending you are in bed eating your cereal.

So for those days when time isn’t an option, here are six vape juice flavors to enjoy on the go.

1. Banana Nut Bread

The pandemic brought numerous issues and restrictions in our lives. But when most of us were on lockdown, it allowed us to refine our baking skills and perfect our banana nut bread.

Now that you are back in the office and being stuck at home doesn’t sound as bad as the first time around, why not try the banana nut bread e-liquid flavor for a dose of sweetness?

This flavored e-juice comes with rich notes of banana and nuts as if the sweet bread has just come out of the oven. A full-bodied vape, the juice comes with subtle notes of caramel as well.

2. Watermelon

When it’s a long summer day you are longing for, the watermelon e-liquid flavor is the one to set your eyes on. The watermelon candy e-juice will give you slush puppy daydreams and take you to sandy beaches and soothing waves even if you are stuck behind a laptop all day. This flavored e-juice isn’t too sweet, making it a great option to vape on it all day.

3. Latte

Unless you have an assistant who will bring you a latte any time a craving hits, getting your favorite coffee drink can get challenging as the day becomes even more chaotic. Thankfully, the vaping industry has created various coffee-flavored e-juices to appease your cravings, and the latte happens to be one of them.

This coffee-flavored e-juice is a concentrated liquid, and the best way to get the right strength for your palate is to start small and add more liquid when necessary.

4. Cereal

There’s something soothing about cereal, isn’t it? It reminds us of our childhood, of lazy mornings spent in bed with bowls brimming with cereal & milk resting on our knees while watching cartoons without any pressure from the world. 

While lazy mornings may be few and far between these days, you can still experience the joy of eating cereal by vaping, especially if you are one who enjoys cereal beyond breakfast time.  Much like regular cereal, once you start researching e-juices online, you will learn that various cereal flavored e-liquids match your childhood favorite.

5. Donuts

Sadly, even if we had all the time in the world, we wouldn’t be able to eat donuts all day. That is, we could, but that would lead to some severe health issues.

With vaping, you can experience donuts daily thanks to the various donut-flavored e-juices available on the market. What’s great about donut-flavored e-liquids is that there isn’t a one size fits all product. You will find glazed donuts flavors, as well as blueberry donuts, chocolate donuts, and more.

6. Pizza

When you are more of a savory than a sweet-toothed kind of person, then the pizza-flavored e-juice is the one to go for. Much like the former e-liquids, pizza-flavored e-liquids come in various flavors. You will find the classic pepperoni and the Hawaiian, pork flavor, mushroom, bacon, and more.

Blending your chosen flavor with nicotine

When you choose a nicotine-free vaping experience, you can expect a more profound and accurate flavor from the e-juice, but it is a different story when you throw nicotine into the mix.

The level of nicotine in your vaping pen will affect the taste of the e-juice. Nicotine has a strong flavor, so much so that many vapers who opt for the nicotine together with the e-liquid describe how there is a more intense “throat hit experience.”

If you decide to add nicotine to your vaping experience, you can choose to start low and increase the level if you feel the need to. An ultra-light nicotine dose is between 6-8mg. A light dose is 12 mg, and a full amount ranges between 16-18mg. Then there is a strong dose at 24mg and the potent dose ranging between 36mg and 50mg.

There you have it, six vape e-juices, to make you feel like a person at leisure even when your day is anything but leisurely. Of course, this list is merely scraping the surface. There are hundreds of e-juice flavors out there, ranging from fruit to candy to desserts and anything minty.

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