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5 Effective Ways to Advertise Your CBD Brand Online

Virtually all the major advertising channels do not support CBD brand promotions; therefore, there is a need to market the product online. It will interest you to know that the CBD market is rapidly growing up to estimated consumer sales of $1.15 million in 2020

Furthermore, several business owners are looking for ways to sell their products online. And the fact remains that the internet, especially social media, is one of the best platforms for effective and result-oriented marketing. The reason is that millions of people visit the internet daily. Marketing your CBD product on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram will take your product to the screen of millions of online users worldwide. 

When countless people get engaged with your product online, it leads to increased product awareness and more sales. However, it has been noticed that a lot of CBD sellers do not know how to go about online advertising. Note that the first step towards a successful online marketing campaign is to be knowledgeable about it.

There are several proven digital methods to analyze your CBD product on the internet.  When it comes to social media like Instagram, the influencer market is one of the best options to market your products to users. This article aims to discuss five effective ways to advertise your CBD brand online. Here we go.

1. Content Marketing

One proven way to increase your product awareness is through content creations. The idea here is to appear in search results of prospective buyers looking for a CBD to buy.  To attract customers to your website, you need to create contents that will appeal to your reader and rank high on google search.  

Bear in mind that prospective buyers want to know about your product; so, they will look for information on different types of CBD oils, how it benefits them, where to buy the product online, and so on. Your content must be able to answer the questions running through the mind of prospective buyers.

Also, you need to add the necessary keywords to optimize your content for searching. Link building is an essential aspect that most people overlook. Your content and website can rank high on google search engine when you link to a high authority. But what is white label link building? It is merely outsourcing a link building to a company that is specialized in it.

2. Email Marketing

It is an effective digital marketing tactic that helps you stay in touch with your prospects and buyers.  Apart from that, it is a way of updating your customer on your CBD oils and other products’ latest development. Your email marketing strategy will enable you to reach out to your prospects, regardless of their devices.

Email marketing is a useful online marketing tool because people check their inbox every day to check if they have an important message. One advantage of email marketing is that it enables you to reach out to a broad audience at a minimal cost. 

So, how do you go about it? Let your email focus on educating users on the benefits that stand to gain from using the product. Make use of relevant product reviews, blog contents, and the announcement of new CBD products to attract interested customers to your e-store and website.

3. Influencers Marketing

You can expand the reach of your CBD products on social media through influencer marketing.  Influencers have earned users’ respect and trust on social media, and they usually have several followers.  Many users are likely to get engaged with your product if it comes through an influencer they trust. Therefore, you must look for a successful influencer to achieve your online marketing goals. Examples of platforms where you can effectively engage an influencer are Instagram and Twitter.

4. Affiliate Marketing

This is a low-risk method of attracting traffic to your website; this is because it is commission-based.  Some of the trusted affiliate networks you can use to market your CBD product include Clickbank, ShareASale, and CannAffiliate.  When partners with an affiliate marketer, they promote your products on their website. They get a commission on any sale that comes through their website.

5. Native Marketing

Native Marketing is another way in which you can advertise your CBD product. It is different from other forms of online advertising because it is not disruptive. In other words, it does not look like an advertisement. Because it looks more like content, online users are inclined to view and read it. 

Native marketing comes in the form of content recommendation that appears below, during, or before an article.  It can also be in the feed ads that appear on your social media platforms’ news feed, including Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.  This form of advertising can also occur as the first few google search results.


Online marketing is an effective and risk-free way to advertise and expand your CBD brand’s reach globally.  If you are willing to tap into the endless opportunities available online, decide on the best way to advertise your product online. Try as much as possible to understand the process involved in engaging your target audience and ranking high on google search engine. Then, launch your online marketing campaign using any of the strategies discussed above.

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